Elvis and Betty Bring Aunt Betty Coke (new commission)

I have been given a new commission to do a painting celebrating the client’s relative’s 80th birthday. I will be posting progressive iterations of the project here until it is complete. The theme of this painting is Elvis Presley, Betty Boop, a unicorn and Coca Cola.

STEP 1:  First we start with a background…


STEP 2:  Next comes the horizon and an outline of an Art Deco cityscape. (The skyline had over 100 layers and so those step have been skipped over here.)


STEP 3:  Next detail was applied to the buildings…


STEP 4:  Then some subtle backlighting added to the buildings…


STEP 5:  Now the Big Moon on the horizon and reflection is added…


STEP 6:  Now the moon becomes a big bottle cap and ad for Coke.


STEP 7:  The rim of the bottle cap is added next…


STEP 8:  Bottle caps have crimped edges so that is added next…


STEP 9: Water (gradient) is the last big step for the background.


STEP 10:   coming soon…The Unicorn

Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1931-2011) – 2011-15


Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) 2011-15

Growing up, Elizabeth Taylor was one of my favorite actresses of all time. It was not only her talent and great beauty but the humanitarian in her, the deep commitment she had for the support and help of others. She had an inner beauty that made her ageless. Like the fine jewelry she often wore, she was a rare gem.

Spanish Moss (2015)


Spanish Moss (2015)


Spanish Moss (detail)

Recently I downloaded the newest [trial] version of Corel Painter. I am presently using Painter 12. This is Painter 2015. I was playing around with the new particle brushes and then, before I knew it, it turning into this painting. It could have been a lot nicer if this is what I’d been planning for but I always find it is a good exercise to just start doodling and playing around with brushes I’ve never tried before and see where it leads me. I believe that to be the essence of creativity. Hope you like it as much as I did creating it.